Paganism and Spirituality

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Mother of Cups.

The earth turned to dust and became one with the clouds. Kissed by the light of the sun. Rain drops sparkling like crystals. The brilliance of a new morning. Lost within a world of imagination, this is where you find yourself. Abandon your direction, your map and compass. Allow yourself to be lost within a fantasy.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, open your hands to me!
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, open your hearts to me!
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, open your souls to me!
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, lend your power to me!

Who will be celebrating their sex holiday tomorrow!?

The Mahavidya Matangi, the erotically powerful intoxicated with passion like a female elephant in heat (masth) is described as a sixteen-year – young girl in the flush of her youth seated on an altar. She has full breasts and a very slim waist. Her complexion is greenish. She is impassioned.  Her eyes are intoxicated while a gentle smile plays upon her lips. She is perspiring slightly around her face, which makes her all the more exiting and desirable. Below her navel are three horizontal folds of skin and a thin vertical line of fine hair.  Her hair on the head is long and wild, and the disc of the moon adorns her forehead. She favors red; her dress and ornaments are in various shades of red. She wears a girdle of jewelled ornaments, as well as bracelets, armlets, and earrings. She is adorned with garlands of wild Kadamba flowers. She holds in her hands a skull and a chopping blade dripping blood. With the other hand, she holds an ornate musical string instrument, veena.  She is flanked by two parrots. She represents sixty-four arts.